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Why Paddle? Why Explore? Why Visit Virginia’s Water Trails?

Dragon Run Paddlers from Friends of Dragon Run
June 25, 2020

Yoda once advised the world to “do or do not.”

He may have never set foot in rural coastal Virginia, or jumped in a kayak or on a paddleboard, but we bet if he had visited, he wouldn’t just try paddling. He would straight up do it (you know, because there is no try).

So that got us thinking.

What drives people to paddle? What is it about the waterways and nature of the coastal regions of Virginia that speaks to people?

We caught up with a few of our ecotour guides and asked them what they see as the top benefits to exploring Virginia’s waterways – why they do what they do – and here’s what they had to say.

I’m a power boating kind of captain and have been doing seaside excursions for visitors for 15 years. It is a personally rewarding activity and I focus on our unique and diverse lower Eastern Shore barrier islands. It’s a very cool place with pristine and remote beaches, interior bays, marshes and creeks. Wildlife abounds! -Captain Buddy of Eastern Shore Adventures

Why paddle? “Reduced stress and increased connection to and appreciation for the plants and animals in the areas around us.” -Shannon Alexander of Bay Country Kayaking

Being out on the water and in nature soothes my soul and brings a sense of peace to my mind and body. -Lori Erwin of Paddle On of Williamsburg

What is the top benefit of exploring Virginia’s outdoors? “To experience the incredible natural heritage Virginia has to offer! From mountains, to swamps, to beaches to marsh!” -Erik Moore of Moore To See Photo Expeditions

Exploring helps “calm the mind, gain a better perspective of things, and reset the soul!” -Alex Lambert of Lambert Shellfish LLC

Go out and explore the waterways because “the Eastern Shore of Virginia is uncrowded and unspoiled.” -Bill and Mary Burnham of Burnham Guides Paddling Adventures, Eastern Shore of Virginia

“Connecting people with the beauty and benefits of our natural resources and eco-heritage in Hampton” is the top benefit of ecotours. -Claire Neubert & Linda Hamm of Shored Up LLC

If you, too, would like to experience the benefits of our waterways, reach out to a certified ecotour guide in your region or go on an adventure somewhere new by seeking out tours in any of our beautiful rural coastal Virginia regions!