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Stop at Nuttall’s Store Before (and after) Your Day on the Water

April 25, 2021

Gearing up to paddle one of Gloucester’s Blueways, the York River or one of the other water trails unique to the Middle Peninsula? Or do you need some fuel to rejuvenate yourself after a glorious afternoon on the water?

Maybe you need to weigh that handsome bass or bluegill you caught at Beaverdam Park.

Drop in at Nuttall’s Store, a one-stop shop for everything you need and a few things you didn’t realize you wanted. Find Nuttall’s at 6495 Ware Neck Road, just a few turns away from Gloucester Village. It’s very close to the old public Hockley Wharf on the Ware River.

Nuttalll’s sells plenty of gear if your excursion will include fishing or crabbing. Pick up frozen bait, lures, lines, hooks, net and crab pots.

Help yourself to a cup of Mobjack coffee while Chef Win Goodier prepares your sandwiches to go. You can build your own, choose a deli favorite (the pulled pork piled high is from Virginia’s own Doughtie’s Barbecue) or ask for one of Goodier’s signatures (the Edwards Virginia Smokehouse bacon makes the difference on the chicken club). Call ahead for special orders, box lunches and takeout.

Make sure you have plenty of fluids in tow so you remain hydrated. Pick up cold water or another beverage of your choice at Nuttall’s, and don’t forget snacks. You can’t go wrong with Whitley’s Peanuts.

If you need more ice for the cooler, fill up at Nuttall’s.

If you forgot your cap, Nuttall’s has those, too, and they’re conversation starters.

“They sell like crazy because our zip code, 23178, is unique to the store,” Goodier says. “It’s cool because there’s no house around here that has the same zip code as the store.”

Nuttall’s just happens to be a post office, too. It’s been in operation for 140 years and counting, so if you have a letter in hand to mail, you’re in the right place!

Nuttall’s offers other souvenir hats, too. Some say Ware Neck and others have the GPS coordinates of the store. Browse the T-shirt section, too.

Forget your sunscreen and bug spray? Nuttall’s sells both.

After your day on the water, if you caught a fish,  stop by Nuttall’s again to weigh it. Nuttall’s is an official weigh station.

Chances are you saw a few things you wouldn’t mind taking home, including dinner. Goodier, trained at Johnson & Wales, makes everything and the locals will tell you all of it is phenomenal. Goodier buys the freshest local ingredients and yes, you’ll be able to taste the difference. Nuttall’s is known for its crab cakes; the crabmeat comes from purely local waters.

Meals-to-go are fresh every day; if there’s any sour cream poundcake left, pick up a loaf. It doesn’t last long.

Unwind that night with a bottle of Virginia wine from Nuttall’s, which also supplies local and national beers.

Nuttall’s Store at 6945 Ware Neck Road in Gloucester is open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday-Saturday and closed Sundays. Call 804-693-3067 to order food or for additional questions.