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Scoot Over to Scoot’s BBQ After Working Up an Appetite at Gloucester Point

Scoot's BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with Cole Slaw Gloucester Point Virginia
March 8, 2019

If there’s anything we know, it’s that paddling the rivers and bays of the Middle Peninsula can work up quite an appetite – especially if you spend the morning and afternoon exploring the Perrin Wharf, Hog Island, Maundy Creek, or even the York River from the ever-popular Gloucester Point boat ramp.


So after you load back up, where can you go nearby to refuel?

Might we suggest Scoot’s BBQ, a family-owned and family-loved business by Gary and Karen Ward located 2091 George Washington Memorial Highway.

Walking in front door, be sure to check out the specials in the entryway. Always something good to try.

As for the standard menu, there’s a little something for everyone and every palate.

Love the smoky flavor of meat cooked long and slow?

Try their sliced beef brisket, wings, smoked turkey, pulled chicken or classic pulled pork, served as a side or on a sandwich. That picture above…that’s how yummy those sandwiches look and taste every time. Thank you, Sara Harris Photography, for allowing Virginia Water Trails the use of that image, which was made for The Scout Guide Williamsburg & The Chesapeake Bay.

Craving seafood after a day of being on the water?

The crab cakes, clam strips, flounder, oysters and more are made to order. Have them as a combo, fried or on a platter.

Faced a chilly day on the waves? Brunswick Stew, New England Seafood Chowder and often a soup of the day is always ready and hot.

Focusing on veggies only in your diet?

Make your own salad or create a meal out of their variety of Scoot’s Sides, including cucumber salad, collards, okra, sweet potato fries, beet salad, fried pickles and more.

Scoot’s BBQ is located at 2091 George Washington Memorial Highway at Gloucester Point, Virginia. The casual dining experience is great for eating in, or you can call ahead to do take out:  804-993-7063. Open every day from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.