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Paddling Isn’t All You Can Do on a SUP

March 17, 2022

A stand-up paddleboard (SUP) might be the very best way to explore the Middle Peninsula waterways if you’re seeking a genuine connection with your surroundings. If it’s just you and your SUP, prepare for a magical experience atop the water that can’t be duplicated on a kayak or canoe.

A SUP is also versatile; there’s so much you can do on your board beyond the obvious. Some ideas to get your juices flowing:

-While the word “stand” is in the name, if you’re new to a SUP, rest assured that it’s fine to sit with your feet immersed in the water and paddle that way. If balance is an issue, you don’t have to stand up.

-Plan your own Paddle and Pub Crawl by following the DIY guide. Don’t forget to tag #VaCoastalWilds about your experience!

-Yoga on a SUP is a wonderful way to remain centered, as you’ll need focus to remain balanced. Try out a range of poses, including downward dog, chair and boat pose (add in crunches if you’re looking for a super core workout), and don’t leave out Warrior 2. You’ll look strong and fierce on your board in this pose. If you’re up for a challenge, consider headstand (imagine seeing the water and sky upside down!).

-You can equip a SUP with all the gear you’ll need for a fishing excursion. Atop your SUP, sneak into crevices inaccessible by boat with relative calmness that won’t disturb the fish. Standing up, you’ll have the best vantage point to cast your line in any direction. No reason you can’t crab from a SUP, either.

-If your dog loves the water, you two can experience your SUP together. Make sure your pup weighs less than 100 pounds and has his own personal floatation device. Practice getting your dog comfortable on the board at home first and gradually move to the water. Use treats if your dog is new the activity, and be patient in teaching your dog to enjoy the SUP as much as you do.

-Date night on your SUP? What could be more romantic than you and your bae on a SUP?

-Even if you’ve never surfed, you’ll likely get the hang of it quickly on a SUP. The MidPen offers plenty of calm waterways to help you get the hang of riding a wave.

-Paddling on a SUP is a workout all by itself but add in any exercise and feel even more calories burn. Try paddling in short bursts just as you would sprint on a track.

-Be a photographer for a day. Imagine the great shots you’ll capture from the water.

-Find a spot in the open water to meditate. Surrounded by the sounds of nature, it’s the perfect destresser.

-Picnic with friends on your SUP. Tote along some rope if you’d like to tie your board together with your buddies.


-Looking for an overnight experience? Consider SUP camping. Make sure you have a dry bag and emergency supplies.

-Do nothing. Just paddle to the open water and use your senses to inhale the salt, the scenes, the special that is Virginia’s Middle Peninsula.