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Paddle + Beach + Mathews County on the Chesapeake Bay

Bethel Beach Mathews Virginia Dog on Paddle Board Summer
March 1, 2019

Natural. Delicate. And open to all.

Bethel Beach Mathews Virginia Dog on Paddle Board

We are delighted to introduce you – the Virginia Water Trails community – to the beauty of Bethel Beach Natural Area Preserve in Mathews County on the Middle Peninsula.

Bethel Beach Mathews Virginia

The 83-acres of sandy beach, low dunes and salt marshes on the Chesapeake Bay is home to rare plants, nesting birds and the endangered Northeastern Beach Tiger Beetle.

Bethel Beach Mathews Virginia Summer

Visitors are welcome, but please tread lightly and respect the restrictions.

Click here to get directions to this preserve.

Learn more about visiting Mathews County here. The site includes recommendations of where to eat, shop and play!

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