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Kick Off Virginia Oyster Month at the 2019 Urbanna Oyster Festival

October 24, 2019

As you paddle and cruise along the Middle Peninsula waterways, you may likely just focus on the beauty around you. But did you know great beauty – delicious beauty – grows under you?

That’s right. We’re talking about oysters. Beautiful oysters. Oysters that clean the waters for us to enjoy, and grow plump for us to eat.

This November (Nov. 1-2, 2019), plan on celebrating all that oysters offer foodies and lovers of water by kicking off the annual Virginia Oyster Month at the 62nd Annual Urbanna Oyster Festival.

Oldest Virginia Oyster Festival

If this is your first year learning about the Urbanna Oyster Festival, you’re in for a treat.

Urbanna on Virginia’s Middle Peninsula is a true oyster town and among the best places to taste, buy and try all things oyster related.

The Urbanna Oyster Festival includes a shucking contest, two parades, oysters every way you can imagine, festival food, oyster heritage, Chesapeake Bay ecology, arts and crafts, live concerts, a dance, the queen’s (and little spat) crowning, children’s activities, wine and beer tastings.

A VIP Oyster Lovers Experience is available for purchase.

History of the Oyster Festival

In 1958, a group came before the Urbanna Town Council requesting $150 to help with activities of Urbanna Days. It went so well that two years later the event officially became the Urbanna Oyster Festival.

The Urbanna Oyster Festival was designated as the “official” Oyster Festival of the Commonwealth in 1988.

Attending the Oyster Festival

There are no admission tickets required to attend the festival (unless you want to be part of the VIP Oyster Lovers Experience).

The festival is a walking pay-as-you-go event. Friday parking is $10 and Saturday parking is $20.

No pets are allowed at the Urbanna Oyster Festival, except service pets. Alcohol can only be served from select vendors and consumed at designated spots at the craft beer tent, wine tasting and a selected area at the waterfront. A town ordinance prohibits driving a motor vehicle (except service vehicles related to the gathering), a bicycle, skateboard, moped or similar device within the streets or sidewalks designated for the gathering or festival.

Arrive by boat or by land.