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Gloucester is for PARK Lovers

Gloucester Point Beach and Coleman Bridge
August 31, 2019

Gloucester, Virginia.

Those that live here – the largest community on the Middle Peninsula – call it the land of the life worth living.

Those that play here call it a haven for park lovers – and with good reason.

Thanks to the Gloucester Parks, Recreation and Tourism department, the community proudly offers seven county-maintained parks, featuring walking trails, playgrounds, athletic fields historic sites and waterway access for all to enjoy.

Here’s a rundown for you to plan your next trip to the Middle Peninsula (or for locals to get out and explore)!

Beaverdam Park Gloucester Virginia

Beaverdam Park

Feel like fishing? How about paddling? Want to take a hike?

Visit Beaverdam Park.

With two entrances on either side of Beaverdam Reservoir, 8687 Roaring Springs Road and 9537 Fary’s Mill Road, this park features amenities to keep you active and entertained.

Hikers can enjoy nearly 10 miles of trails throughout the park and along the dam.

Waterways at Beaverdam Park Gloucester Virginia

For water lovers, Beaverdam Park at the Roaring Springs entrance, offers boat, canoe and kayak rentals, as well as a boat ramp and fishing amenities.

Keep in mind that swimming, sailboats and paddle boards are prohibited at Beaverdam.

For families, the park has a huge playground for the little ones and is dog friendly (don’t forget the leash).

There’s also picnic tables, covered shelters and an enclosed shelter that you can rent out for the day.

The park is open seven days a week, except on Christmas, and the park hours vary by time of year.

Gloucester Point Beach Pier

Gloucester Point Beach Park

Dip your toes in the water and spend the day on the York River at Gloucester Point Beach Park, located at 1255 Greate Road.

If fishing is your thing, the fishing pier is your spot. Fishing licenses are not required to fish from pier thanks to the sponsorship of Gloucester County.

Use the boat ramp and launch your boat into the York River and spend the day cruising around.

Want to get your feet sandy? The park’s beach includes acres of sand, a volleyball court and a playground.

Outdoor showers can keep you, and the inside of your car, clean after a day of fun.

The park is open daily from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Tyndall Point Park Gloucester Point Virginia

Tyndall’s Point Park

The most historic of all Gloucester County Parks, Tyndall’s Point Park is located at Gloucester Point just before the Coleman Bridge at 1376 Vernon Street.

Named after mariner Robert Tyndall who came to Virginia with Christopher Newport, this park is great for a picnic with your pals, taking a stroll with your dogs, or learning about the rich history of Gloucester County.

History at Tyndall Point Park Gloucester Point Virginia

Are you a history buff? You would be thrilled to learn that this park is the very site of the first Virginia shot fired in the Civil War and also played an important role in the 1781 Siege of Yorktown. Information stands are scattered throughout the park highlighting this rich history.

Not so much into history, but love being outside? This park is beloved for its big, green grassy area with picnic tables.

Side note: if you feel like getting in the water to cool down, the Gloucester Point Beach Park is less than a mile away.

Tyndall’s Point Park opens daily at sunrise and closes half an hour before sunset.

Woodville Park Sign Gloucester Virginia

Woodville Park

An athletic oasis! Woodville Park, located in Hayes at 3904 Woodville Park Road, is a 100-acre park and the most centrally located in the county.

Athletic Fields Woodville Park Gloucester Virginia

There are seven, yes SEVEN, athletic fields (and three of them have lights).

For nature lovers, this park is home to wetlands and woodlands. A wooded nature trail and a walking path takes you around the park, and a memorial garden with two habitat ponds gets you up close with nature.

Woodville Park Gloucester Virginia Trails

Woodville park is open daily starting at 8 a.m. and closes one hour before sunset.

Abingdon Park Gloucester Virginia

Abingdon Park

Abingdon Park, located at 7087 Powhatan Drive, is well known for its open fields, sporting events, and lots of playgrounds nearby.

This park hosts many sporting league games and tournaments, including youth soccer, wiffleball, tee ball and softball, all run by Gloucester Parks and Recreation.

For families, this park is located right behind Abingdon Elementary School with quick and easy access to the playgrounds there. The swings and slides can keep you (and most importantly, your little ones!) busy for hours.

A covered shelter can be rented out for parties and celebrations.

This park is open daily from sunrise to half an hour before sunset.

Ark Park Gloucester Virginia

Ark Park

Feel like shooting some hoops? What about joining an adult soccer league? At Ark Park you can.

Located at 7963 Number Nine Road, this park is a county favorite when it comes to sports.

For the athletes, this park hosts an adult soccer league, basketball tournaments, spring and fall youth field hockey and soccer leagues, and wiffleball, tee ball, and softball leagues.

A playground on site includes slides and jungle gyms.

Athletic Fields Ark Park Gloucester Virginia

While there may not be any official hiking or walking trails located at the park, five laps around the outside of the softball field fence equals 1.06 miles.

Ark Park is open daily from 8 a.m. to sunset.

Brown Park Gloucester Virginia

Brown Park

Perhaps the most unique of all the parks in Gloucester County is Brown Park, located on Foster Road in Gloucester Courthouse.

For the skaters, this park features several skateboarding areas and includes a half-pipe.

Just remember to skate at your own risk, and helmets and safety pads are strongly recommended.

Brown Park Sign Gloucester Virginia

Brown Park is open daily at 8 a.m. and closes a half hour before sunset.