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Foodie Finds from Virginia’s Certified Ecotour Guides

Family kayaking in Eastern Shore
June 27, 2020

If there’s one thing our Virginia Certified Ecotour Guides know like the back of their hands, it’s the waterways they bring paddlers and nature lovers out to explore.

But you know what else they know a little something about?

The communities they live and work in, and the best spots to grab a bite to eat, or a cool drink, after a day of exploring Virginia’s rural coastal waterways.

We caught up with a few of our ecotour guides and asked them to share their top spots for food and beverages, and here’s what they had to say.

My favorite place for great food and service, and I always recommend to my parties, is the Island House Restaurant on the waterfront in the seaside village of Wachapreague (on the Eastern Shore). It’s a wonderful family place with a spectacular view overlooking the seaside. They resource fresh seafood and produce locally…awesome! -Captain Buddy of Eastern Shore Adventures

Mallards on the Wharf in Onancock (on the Eastern Shore) features good people, great food (and beverages)! -Shannon Alexander of Bay Country Kayaking

Billsburg Brewery is a great place to end off of Powhatan Creek (in the greater Williamsburg area). Blue Heron is a great restaurant that you can leave from to paddle Chickahominy River and then go back and have a bite to eat out on the deck. -Lori Erwin of Paddle On of Williamsburg

Sawdust Road in Pungo (a rural enclave of Virginia Beach). -Erik Moore of To See Photo Expeditions

The Charlotte Hotel and Restaurant (up in Onancock where we sell our Loving Cups!) and Ambrogia, down in Cape Charles (both on the Eastern Shore).-Alex Lambert of Lambert Shellfish LLC

Mallards is right next to our paddling shop at Onancock Wharf (on the Eastern Shore) so you can step off the water and onto their deck for food and drinks. -Bill and Mary Burnham of Burnham Guides Paddling Adventures, Eastern Shore of Virginia

Here are a few of many of our choices (on the Virginia Peninsula): Fullers Raw Bar and Grill, Bull Island Brewery, Grey Goose Restaurant, Barking Dog, and Baked Bistro. -Claire Neubert & Linda Hamm of Shored Up LLC

Interested in trying some of these scrumptious joints? Why not pair an ecotour with a meal out?! Reach out to your local ecotour guides to schedule a tour – maybe they can even arrange your desired restaurant, brewery, or grill as your destination!